Job Search Coaching

Job Search Coaching may include different services depending on your goals and needs. The core elements of a successful job search include the following:

  1. Gaining Clarity on your target role, company/industry, geography, etc.
    I offer the Gallup CliftonStrengths and CareerLeader assessments and have been trained to interpret the results with you. 
  2. Developing your "brand" including online components, e.g. LinkedIn, your resume, and cover letters.
  3. Effective networking since over 85 percent of jobs are filled as a result of someone knowing the successful candidate.
  4. Interviewing preparation.
  5. Negotiating your offer.

As we co-design the coaching engagement, we may decide a personalized workshop makes sense as a way to begin - complete with homework - before working your way through the five steps. Alternatively, you may only have a need for coaching in a specific area. During an initial conversation, we will discuss what makes the most sense in terms of individual services or a customized project plan, and the duration of the engagement. 

Let's work together to make your journey better, easier, and faster. How can I help you?