Why is it so Hard to Make a Change?


You have been in a function, say business development, in a particular industry, say aerospace, for eight years and you want to make a change. You've worked with marketers and you are confident you can do that work. You're also sure you will enjoy it more because of the strategy element of the role. Additionally, you're tired of the aerospace industry and want to be part of the exciting changes taking place in the auto industry.

You have applied to automotive marketing jobs posted on LinkedIn, Indeed.com, and even Experteer.com. Nothing! Don't they realize what an impact you could make?

It's hard to switch functions. It's hard to switch industries. It's almost impossible to switch both - unless you are coming out of an MBA degree program. That is the perfect time to make a double change. To understand why, put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager - or the shoes of the recruiter supporting the hiring manager.

Their highest priority is hiring someone who can do the job and do it well. Their second highest priority is not making a bad hiring decision. The easiest way to reduce the risk of a bad hiring decision is to find someone who has already done the job - someone who has experience in the same function in the same industry.

Where does that leave you? Watching your inbox for a message that isn't coming. You haven't done marketing in the automotive industry. Additionally, you haven't done marketing and you haven't worked in the automotive industry. You are just too much of a risk!

However, you can improve your odds. You can be considered less risky. All you need is someone to vouch for you. Someone who has credibility with the hiring manager or with the recruiter. Someone in their network who is also in your network.

If you want your job search to be better, easier, and faster, consider hiring a coach who has the experience to guide you in the use of effective networking techniques. Learn a structured approach to build your network - convert strangers to acquaintances and then acquaintances to advocates who will vouch for you.

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